May 2019 / General News

Support NCS social action this summer!

At The EBP we are proud to deliver National Citizen Service (NCS) in Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire, and this summer we want more communities in the area to get involved so you can benefit from the amazing work completed through the programme.

NCS is an experience for 15-17 year olds helping them to develop valuable skills to take through work and life. The programme takes place through the summer and lasts four weeks where in the first two, they are away from home improving skills and building their confidence.

For the last two weeks they come back to their local area and in small teams, plan, deliver and complete a project they feel will benefit the local community. The teams develop the projects themselves, so to support a social action project all you need to do is provide a communal space that they can work from.

Being part of the journey the young people are on when doing their social action, is a rewarding experience and teams have gone on to produce some inspiring campaigns and work in their local areas. NCS programmes start the social action phase in July or August, working Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, supervised and supported by trained staff at all times.

To register interest and find out more about how you can support an NCS team this summer, get in contact with us on 01522 574100 or email

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