Eilidh Mitchell

Personal Goal: Head of House

I first applied to be a Mentor when I was eighteen. Since then I have completed six cohorts, one as a Lead Mentor and in summer 2018 I was a Cohort Lead – all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Not only did it develop many transferable skills but it also gave me the knowledge and confidence to pursue a career that I am really passionate about. I also have a network of friends I have met through working on NCS that are unwaveringly supportive and reliable and have been there for me through the various stages of my life and career.

Skills Developed

Leadership – Every role that I have had with NCS has dramatically improved my leadership skills. I had to become the best leader that I could possibly be so that my team or my cohort would get the most out of their time on NCS.

Adaptability – Not every young person that you come across on NCS will respond in the same way and finding a way to get them to engage with the programme and get the best out of it is vital.

Teamwork – The NCS programme is undoubtedly a team effort. Mentors are essential to the smooth running of their teams but they also form a wider staff team that can offer each other support and advice, and contribute to the smooth running of the programme as a whole.

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