Yorkshire Building Society – Money Minds

Helping 25,000 children and counting with financial literacy

In 2015 The EBP was commissioned by Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) to develop an innovative financial education programme designed to inspire children and young people to learn about money and give its colleagues a new impactful way of volunteering within the community.

Money Minds was born and since then YBS colleagues across the country have delivered the programme to more than 25,000 young people aged between 5-19. There are 10 different topics to choose from, with modules adapted to each key stage. Young children can learn about how to keep money safe and budgeting and older students can learn about buying a house and pensions.

Following the ongoing success of Money Minds, in autumn 2019 The EBP worked closely with YBS to co-create a new programme called Career Minds, helping to prepare young people aged 14-16 for the world of work so they can be financially savvy as they enter adulthood.

How did working with The EBP help you to achieve your goals?

With YBS being a financial institution, it felt it had a duty to support young people to learn about money and to try and fill the gap in the national curriculum. Creating a relationship with The EBP enabled YBS to build a bespoke suite of materials and get the project off to a flying start using its educational expertise.

YBS is very keen to support colleagues’ personal development through skills-based volunteering and being able to share their own skills with others benefits them, as well as those in our local communities.

Money Minds is now YBS’s flagship volunteering programme which has really engaged its colleagues in volunteering across the whole of the country, whilst also making a difference to more than 25,000 young people.

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