NCS is a once in-a-lifetime opportunity that helps young people build essential skills while taking on new challenges and making new friends. It takes place three times per year (outside of term time in the spring, summer and autumn holidays) and is specifically designed for young people aged 15 to 17, no matter what their capability. 

The programme consists of time away from home exploring the outdoors, building confidence and learning valuable skills for work and life. Teens then return to their local area and, in teams of up to 15, utilise the skills they’ve developed to design and deliver a social action project which will benefit their local community. These projects can range from renovating or creating community spaces to raising awareness of local issues or money for a good cause. They should benefit both the young people and the wider community and leave a sustainable legacy. 

NCS has over 275,000 graduates and the programme is continuing to grow each year. As we grow we are looking for new partners to help us provide these valuable volunteering opportunities for young people. If you have a potential project or can provide a community venue from which the young people can plan and deliver their own project, please contact Cheryl Barrows on 01522 574133 or