Action speaks louder than words on NCS Social Action Day

Young people from across the East Midlands joined forces to celebrate the National Citizen Service’s Social Action Day, supported by Santander. On Saturday 18 March, over 100 NCS graduates took part in community projects including a group who spent the day at Boultham Park in Lincoln, helping staff and volunteers prepare for Discover Lincolnshire Weekend.

In 2016 alone, NCS participants dedicated more than 2.3 million hours to social action. Over the past year, over 1000 Lincolnshire graduates of NCS – the country’s flagship youth empowerment programme – have been giving back to their communities by renovating community spaces and raising awareness for local good causes.

NCS Social Action Day is a celebration of the amazing difference these young people make to their local community, with the hope of inspiring others to do the same.

Michael Lynas, CEO of NCS, says: “We are extremely proud of our Lincolnshire graduates and Social Action Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate their incredible achievements. It’s great to see how many young people have rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in with community projects across the UK, showing their commitment and passion for making a positive change in their local area. We hope this weekend will shine a light on those projects and galvanise other teenagers to do the same.”

Iona McIntyre, NCS Graduate Officer at The EBP spoke out in praise of the local graduates’ work: “NCS Action Day was a fantastic opportunity for our local NCS graduates to make a real difference to their local community again. They got really stuck in, they, organised a book sale, cut down brambles, and created a path in the wooded area of the park. Their commitment never fails to impress me and it is a pleasure to see how NCS has encouraged them to get more involved with their communities.”

Find out more about NCS’ four week summer programme for 15-17 year olds by visiting or contacting the NCS contact centre on 0800 197 8010.

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