Career/personal goals: University Lecturer

My experience with NCS has been amazing. I never predicted such enjoyment or to have gained so much from the experience. I’ve been a Mentor and recently finished my role as a Lead Mentor for Northamptonshire. It’s been an extremely rewarding role that’s given me valuable leadership experience.

Working with so many people from different backgrounds makes you realise how fortunate you are to be in a role where you can give them an experience like no other. The fact we’re all in the same boat for that journey makes it all the sweeter.


Enjoy every minute of it. What you put into that experience is reflected in how the young people respond come the end. For those 4 weeks you’re the most important person they know – you’ll be tired, but it’s so worth it when you see the journey those young people go on.



Career/personal goals: Head of House

I first applied to be a Mentor when I was eighteen. Since then I have completed six cohorts, one as a Lead Mentor and in summer 2018 I was a Cohort Lead – all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Not only did it develop many transferable skills but it also gave me the knowledge and confidence to pursue a career that I am really passionate about. I also have a network of friends I have met through working on NCS that are unwaveringly supportive and reliable and have been there for me through the various stages of my life and career.

Three main skills developed:






Career/personal goals: SENCo

NCS continues to support my career as a teacher through opportunities to work with young people and to remind me that not all achievements have to happen in a classroom.

I applied because of the opportunity it gave me to work with young people in a non-school setting. I’ve been a mentor once, and a SEN Mentor, Lead Mentor and Cohort Lead twice. 

Favourite memory: 

The campfire with my first cohort as a cohort lead. It was amazing to see how much the young people had grown and progressed in the space of 4 days! Also to see the strong relationships they had built despite having never met before and being from completely different backgrounds.

Are you interested in becoming an NCS Mentor?

Are you interested in becoming an NCS Mentor?

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