Integrated Work Experience Package 

Developing the employability skills of young people

The EBP have co-ordinated more than 15,000 work experience placements over the last three years. Our package includes the following:

  • Audit of the employer’s risk assessment, ensuring appropriately adjusted health and safety policies and risk assessments where needed for young people
  • Verification that Employers’ Liability Insurance (ELI) is in place
  • Advice for employers on specific factors which must be managed for young people
  • Detailed job description that forms the basis of the student/parent agreement with the school and employer, giving all parties a clear perspective on their role and responsibilities
  • Access to a centralised database with over 15,000 employers which is searchable by students as well as the work experience coordinator
  • Access to a school specific ‘job bank’ where employers who offer to support the school can be logged, this is re-populated every year in partnership with the school
  • Access to supportive materials at pre and post-16, student record book, parent leaflet, pre-placement form, work experience policy, student-parent agreement, employer acknowledgement
  • The EBP consultant delivers a 'Health & Safety' (35 mins) and 'Employer Expectations' (15 mins) assembly-style presentation
  • The EBP offer schools the opportunity to recognise employers at the Annual “Investors in Education” Awards Ceremony through nomination and invitation of employers at the event
  • A free CREST Award for your students accessing a Science Technology Engineering or Maths (STEM) work experience placement, worth £5-10 per student
  • Database and administrative support, 08:30 – 17:00 Monday to Friday
  • Notice of any policy or legislative changes relevant to work experience
  • Impartial incident investigation service (safeguarding, health & safety)
  • Access to a range of discounts and opportunities for your students to access a variety of workshops and/or challenge days
  • Discounts and opportunities through The EBP for Professional Development Days, workshops, conferences and networking

The service supports both block and extended work experience placements for the following types of provision:

  • General work experience activity (pre-16 – general employability placements)
  • Vocational work placements (post-16 project led / outcome specific placements)
  • Employability / Workskills programmes
  • BTEC linked vocational placements (40+ hours) and off site training provision
  • 16-19 Study programme placements

Please contact our Work Experience team on 01522 574100 to arrange a meeting at your school's convenience.