Project Lumen will work with all of the stakeholders that influence a student’s journey including the young person, teachers, parents and family, school governors, local businesses, and will actively engage them in enterprise and employability activities. The project will incorporate employability skills workshops, CPD and networking sessions with teachers and will pair nominated students with local business leaders.

The project is funded by the £5million Careers and Enterprise Fund. The Careers & Enterprise Company is an employer led organisation set up to inspire and prepare young people for the fast-changing world of work. The fund supports activities that directly result in more and higher quality careers, enterprise and employer engagement activity across England, targeting geographic areas of need. The Fund has been created to increase the number of encounters young people have with employers while in education. 


Why should you get involved?

  • To contribute to the skills agenda of the region in which you operate
  • To fulfil an element of your Corporate Social Responsibility
  • To promote your business to a wide community of future employees and customers
  • To increase staff engagement and motivation
  • To link with your local community and improve your reputation
  • To develop your network by collaborating with like-minded businesses
  • To create professional development opportunities for your staff

How can you get involved?

  • Visit schools to support them in their enterprise challenges
  • Give inspirational talks to students and teachers
  • Be a mentor for a Mini Exec, meeting a young person at a networking dinner and forming a sustainable relationship
  • Attend parents and family careers events at local schools
  • Work with experts at The EBP to create a business challenge
  • Host a WOW day – 20 students from a local school to spend the day in your workplace. The EBP will support in writing a timetable for the day
  • Talk at Teachers CPD sessions about the challenges that your business faces in working with young people
  • Share an online questionnaire through your channels
  • Sponsor a particular activity or event

You can support in one, some or all of the hubs of activity: East Lindsey, West Lindsey, Lincoln, Boston.

You can select which school you would like to support. You can support either mainstream or special schools, or both!

If you are interested in learning more about Project Lumen, or becoming involved, please contact us on or 01522 574100. 


The project will contribute to developing a future workforce that is motivated to engage in the economy of the area in which they live. It will focus on important and growing sectors while raising awareness of all areas of potential employment and further/higher education.

It will draw on experience from established programmes to increase opportunities for work inspiration interactions for communities identified as deprived and highlighted by the prioritisation indicators report.

It will provide opportunities for young people to interact with representatives from businesses, raising awareness and stimulating interest in the range of careers open to them.

Project Lumen is made up of a nine-phased programme and your school has the opportunity to choose to participate in the full programme or selected elements that complement your planned activity.

Phase 1 will be undertaken before the end of the 2015/16 academic year. All other phases will be scheduled within the 2016/17 academic year with the celebration event taking place in July 2017. We intend for all activities to focus on a single year group, and would recommend Year 10, but are happy to agree this with you individually.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Lumen, or becoming involved, please contact us on or 01522 574100. 

Lumen is supported by:

Lincolnshire Chamber of CommerceGreater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise PartnershipThe Careers & Enterprise CompanyLincolnshire Outreach Network